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Walker Corporation
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Sustainability Policy

We were acting sustainably decades before the word came into common use. In the 1960s we pioneered excavation techniques that minimised vibration damage and noise pollution. We were one of the first developers to rehabilitate parts of Sydney Harbour, now recognized as so important to Sydney’s future.

Every Walker development exceeds industry standards for sustainability and we commit millions of dollars to lift our sites well beyond health and environmental standards.

Our aim is to be an active leader in sustainability through the implementation of Environmentally Sustainable Design principles. We pride ourselves in employing the latest in green technology to create sustainable buildings with efficient water, energy and aeration systems for a healthy working environment.

The Green Star and NABERS industry standards, put in place by the Green Building Council Australia, are how we measure the environmental sustainability of our projects. We are committed to achieving a minimum 5 Green Star – As Built standard on all commercial and retail projects, if not the maximum 6 Green Star rating.

Collins Square and Main Drive Kew are two developments where sustainability is front and centre of our approach. Current projects with an emphasis on sustainable development and pioneering green technologies include Parramatta Square and Festival Plaza.