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Senibong Cove

Artist’s impression only, subject to change.

Senibong Cove

Master Planned Community


Ms Becky Ng

Phone: +6017 7485388

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Establishing waterfront living for one of Asia’s most vibrant regions to meet the growing and future demand for affordable housing in and around Singapore.


Originally a dilapidated prawn farm, Senibong Cove has transformed into a major waterfront development in the Johor Bahru area of southern Malaysia. Lang Walker AO first envisaged the potential for the 86 hectare site in early 2000, driven by the forecast expansion of the population over the next 20 years.

Commenced in 2007, the master planned community features 8,000 homes, an integrated marina with 100 berths, 20,000 sqm retail centre and recreational club facilities, combined with extensive waterfront walkways, public and private open spaces, cycle tracks, swimming pools and restaurants. A landmark on the site is two sentinel apartment towers with views over Singapore and Johor Bahru.

With less expensive living outside the city but favourable rates of pay in Singapore, many Johoreans and locals from other states commute into Singapore daily. Lang Walker AO identified the long term potential for future improved Government infrastructure teamed with premium, spacious outer city living and we introduced waterfront town houses and apartments to the area.

The success of the first stage resulted in the Government awarding us a further 150 hectares of adjoining land in the straights of Johor Bahru. The two developments will eventually comprise 25,000 homes.

Senibong Cove

Artist’s impression only, subject to change.


Just 6km from the border of Singapore, Johor Bahru is one of the fastest growing regions in Malaysia, with more than three million citizens expected to live in the area by 2025.

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