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2600x1400 Appin Treatment Plant2600x1400 Appin Treatment Plant
April 2024 | Media Releases

$150 million dollar investment turns on the taps for Appin

A new $150 million investment has been announced today by Walker Corporation to bring forward the delivery of drinking, wastewater and recycled water infrastructure for thousands of homes in future Appin communities.

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2600x1400 Appin Treatment Plant

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by Walker, Sydney Water and coNEXA, the parties will work together to bring forward the required planning and delivery of water and wastewater infrastructure, before the construction of housing commences and as new housing is delivered.

The $150 million funding boost adds to the $2 billion investment already offered by Walker to allow Appin to provide vital housing to greater Sydney as soon as possible.

Walker Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer David Gallant said they have the capacity and a proven track record to deliver vital infrastructure first.

“This is a major investment by Walker into our future Appin communities to ensure residents have access to essential water infrastructure for drinking and recycling.”

David Gallant - Walker Chief Executive Officer

“Our integrated approach to water management will include a highly efficient recycled water supply system to provide water to homes and irrigation and flushing to high quality public open spaces.”

“By leveraging the expertise of Sydney Water and coNEXA, we’re delivering an innovative solution that maximises the use of recycled water and stormwater for non-potable use, which will reduce demand on drinking water.”

This is also a major first for Greater Macarthur, with Sydney Water and private industry partnering to deliver water infrastructure which is fit for purpose and maximises benefits for the local community and environment.

The artist's impression of the planned Recycled Water Treatment Facility in Appin also unveils plans to integrate a cutting-edge research and development component. This feature will serve as a platform for local universities and the community to delve deeper into understanding the intricacies of wastewater treatment, water reticulation and sustainability within the water cycle.

Sydney Water’s Head of Western Sydney Development Paul Higham said he is pleased to be working with Walker and coNEXA to ensure major infrastructure is delivered in time for the planned communities, at no cost to existing customers or the NSW Government.

Walker Appin Water facility artists impression 2Walker Appin Water facility artists impression 2

An artist's impression of the new water treatment facility in planning for Future Appin

“We work hard to keep bills as low as possible for our customers, so we welcome this type of partnership,” Mr Higham said.

“We know new housing is critical right now, and this collaborative relationship will enable the timely delivery of water and wastewater infrastructure for the region,” Mr Higham said.

coNEXA are also investing capital and their Chief Executive Office Kurt Dahl said the partnership will provide a great opportunity to deliver the next generation of water services which provides a fully integrated solution, enhancing the local environment to be healthier, greener and cooler, making Appin a more attractive place to live.

“Walker’s approach to early planning and delivery of water, wastewater and recycled water infrastructure is to be highly commended. Through working closely with Walker and Sydney Water, we can ensure this infrastructure is delivered on time and provides long-term benefits to residents,” Mr Dahl said.

Walker’s vision to deliver three connected, sustainable communities within Appin, supported by infrastructure and services includes:

  • new major roads and transport links
  • water and sewer infrastructure
  • at least four schools, including up to two high schools
  • 1.08 million m2 of public spaces including parks, playgrounds, sports fields and a 200,000m2 regional park
  • 17km+ of cycling, hiking and walking trails and 30km of on-road cycleways
  • three neighbourhood shopping centres and a large local town centre
  • community, health and wellbeing services

These new communities, along with vital infrastructure, will be delivered in stages over the next 20 years.