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Walker Corporation
The foyer at Collins Square

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  1. Walker Corporation engaged in ‘massive urban renewal’

    Walker Corporation Executive Chairman Lang Walker sat down to talk with Ross Greenwood and Sky News Australia to discuss how his company has been concentrating on “massive urban renewal” over the past 20 years.

  2. Walker Fast-tracks Citiswich Final Stages

    Walker has completed the latest sale of a new logistics facility to GPT, which is being developed by Walker for SAAB Defence Industries, to operate a 24-hour medical deployment for the Australian Defence Force.

  3. Walker Supports Riverlea Community

    Walker Corporation’s Riverlea masterplanned community is named the jewel in the crown as the urban transformation project positively impacts the community just eight months post-launch.

Media Coverage

  1. Parramatta Times

    Astonishing 92% recycling rate for Parramatta Square

  2. The Urban Developer

    Festival Tower Named in Top 20 SA Development Projects

  3. Sydney Morning Herald

    Fresh Space Goves Lift to Parramatta

  4. The Advertiser

    New Festival Plaza Carpark Opens Its Gates

  5. Parra News

    Parramatta Square Will Shine Bright with New Alliance

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