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Kokomo leads the way in the race to coral restoration

Kokomo leads the way in the race to coral restoration

In the ongoing fight to save the world’s coral reefs, Kokomo Private Island’s sustainability initiatives are leading the way. Just a 5-minute boat ride from the Great Astrolabe Reef, Kokomo Island launched the ‘Kokomo Coral Restoration Project’ in 2018 to ensure the reef surrounding the Island continues to thrive. The Island has transplanted over 300 coral cuttings to the Kokomo House Reef and is currently housing more than 1,300 corals in its nursery.

“As eco-tourism is the epitome of everything we represent at Kokomo Private Island, guests are encouraged to be involved in the coral restoration project. The one thing guests always tell me is they fall in love with the surrounding natural beauty of Kokomo Private Island,” said Mr Walker. Once guests catch a glimpse of the incredible colours and sea life the reef supports, they are always excited to help harvest and propagate healthy coral fragments in Kokomo’s very own thriving coral garden nursery.

The resort’s seven nurseries, which can hold 3200 corals, are cared for and monitored by resident marine biologists with a passion for teaching guests why the reef here is so unique and why it’s so important to conserve. “There is an incredible feeling of fulfilment taking part in our Coral Restoration Project while holidaying in such an idyllic location because you play a crucial role in helping to ensure our pristine marine environment continues to look and feel untouched,” added Mr Walker.

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