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Walker Corporation

Parramatta Square’s Tribute to Heritage

Parramatta Square’s Tribute to Heritage

A specially commissioned art collection has been created for Walker Corporation’s 6 & 8 Parramatta Square lobbies, reflecting on the Indigenous and European history of Parramatta as part of the city’s evolution as a modern and diverse urban centre.

The collection starts with an intricate heritage display embedded into the architecture of the 6 Parramatta Square lobby which tells the story of the changing patterns of use of the rich landscape and ancient wetlands around Parramatta Square. It has been co-designed with the local Darug community and tells the story of both Aboriginal and European connections to this site.

The collection includes a complete working replica of the Rose Hill Packet boat known as ‘the lump’ by first fleet convicts and is permanently positioned in the lobby of 6 Parramatta Square.

The Rose Hill Packet was the first European boat built in Australia, specifically designed to take supplies from Sydney Cove to Rose Hill, now modern day Parramatta.

Walker Corporation Chairman Lang Walker AO said the new display in the lobbies of 6 & 8 Parramatta Square paid tribute to the large role Parramatta has played in Australia’s rich history.

“Art and heritage are so important in all our developments and Parramatta has an amazing story to be told,” Mr Walker said.

“Our new lobby space will greet tenants and visitors with a remarkable display of Darug heritage and colonial history from the first European settlers who established their second camp at the head of the harbour.”